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The top 10 Dilbert cartoons, according to creator Scott Adams.

Scott Adams, the cartoonist, published a blog post on the subject last week and repeatedly updated the article with additional thoughts on why the talking points of Trump's campan trail reminded him of successful hypnosis.

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In order to pass the PMP exam, project managers must memorize project management vocabulary, understand project management processes, have experience in managing projects and, in some cases, must have taken With that said, PMPs can all too often get wrapped up in the minutiae of good processes–so much so that they hold them above the people they’re working with.

<i>Business</i> <i>Plan</i> History - <i>Dilbert</i> Comic Strip on 2016-03-04 <i>Dilbert</i>.

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The business plan provides an objective analysis of a market opportunity, articulating what you learned to quantify the risk and the potential.

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Wally: My job is to prevent people such as you from adding features to our legacy system. Anyone who is left over gets to be in charge of watching our legacy system slowly rot.

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